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In Memory of


Our beloved puppy

November 22,1997-August 12, 1998

On August 12, 1998, our 10 month old puppy died from a disease called Parvo. It started out as what we thought was just an upset stomach and progessively got worse. He seemed to be getting better the morning he died, so it came as a shock when we found him. We had purchased him from Bel-Kay Kennels and we were told all his shots were up to date and he only needed one more set. As it turns out, they give shots at 6 and 7 weeks, which is too early and does no good. They do this in order to protect themselves from liability. If you get a puppy, make sure whatever shots he/she has is after their 8 weeks old, otherwise it does no good. We lost our baby because we trusted a so called animal lover, that turned out to be someone just out to make a few dollars.

Please make sure that all your puppies shots are up to date. If there are any doubts, start from the beginning and give them all their shots. Extra vaccinations will not hurt them. Believe me, you dont want to go through what we did with our little Eok. May he rest in peace.

!!! UPDATE !!! (Aug.18,1998)

We recently went back to the kennel where we bought Eok and informed the owner of what we were told by the vets. He seemed rather cold and uncaring about what happened. We were only trying to inform him of what we were told by THREE licencsed vets that have been doing veternarian medicine for at least 15 years each, and he had the balls to say he was right and the vets were wrong! Can you believe that? I will NEVER purchase another animal from BELKAY KENNELS again and I suggest you do the same and take your business elsewhere. They dont care about animals and are only there to take your money any way they can. If I would have had a gun, I would have shot the &%$@%*^@$%!!! Just be sure to keep your animals healthy and all their shots up to date. Remember. Pets are the only ones that love unconditionally. Good day to you all, and happy puppy raising!!!

!!!UPDATE!!! (Sept.27,1998)

Well, they did it again. Just a few short days before Eok had died, we had went back to Bel-Kay kennels to purchase another puppy. That was when we bought Baby, a Toy Fox Terrier. Well, Baby had gotten under the house and got into some rat poison, so we took her to the vet. At the time we thought she was about 5-6 months old. As it turned out, the vet told us she was only about 3-4 months old. After we got her paperwork, after waiting for 2 months, we found out Baby was actually only about 3 weeks old when we bought her. Not 6 weeks like they had told us. Once again, Bel-Kay kennels decided money was more important than an animals health. As everyone knows, a puppy shouldnt be removed from their mother until they are at least 6 weeks old. After all, puppies arent even weaned until after their 5th week. Obviously Bel-Kay Kennels doesnt care. So once again, I ask you not to buy ANY pets from Bel-Kay kennels. Id like to see them shut down and out of business. Iv done my part and informed you, and stopped going there to even look, and have told everyone I have come caross about what they have done. The rest is up to you. If you buy a puppy, please make sure it isn't from Bel-Kay kennels. Together, we can get rid of all the @$$^*!#$ out there trying to make a quick buck. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out our pictures section.